About us

In 2007, Dar wa Emaar started its investment and real estate development journey from the Eastern Gate of KSA. Its experience has been accumulated and evolved over time to be the pioneer in the real-estate development sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The Chairman Message

Since its inception in 2007, Dar wa Emaar has been able to build a role model to be followed in the real-estate development industry in Saudi Arabia.

Undoubtedly, the Company’s journey over the past years has not been easy and faced many challenges related to market conditions and fluctuations. However, it continued to be resilient and thrived due to its capabilities and its adherence to its values as well as the confidence of its clients that drives the Company forward.

We are moving forward in painting new urban horizons that embody the meanings of quality, excellence and innovation, and opening before the clients the gateway to the future of residential neighborhoods. The uncompromisable trust that we have gained in Dar wa Emaar is the core of our pillars that give our Company its value and leadership in the real-estate development sector.

In return to this confidence, we are keen to develop it by taking our innovations and performance standards to new horizons and turning challenges into launching platforms for further achievements and success.

In order to achieve our vision of becoming the most pioneering, innovative and distinguished company in the sector while considering different variables and challenges over the past years, we have subjected our strategies to continuous evaluation and development and solidified our values framework that governs our business approach to enforce our commitment to social responsibilities and to ensure that the requirements of our clients, the value to our shareholders, and the benefits of our national economy are met.

Khaled al Omran

The CEO Message

Dar wa Emaar has accomplished qualitative achievements in the real-estate development industry in the Kingdom.

Building on its long experience, solid capabilities and, most importantly, deep understanding of the needs of the local market and full commitment to meet clients’ expectations, the company was able to mark a turning point in the concept of real-estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was reached by taking it from its traditional framework to unprecedented horizons of excellence, quality and value that enrich the lives of our clients, and gives them residential communities that encompass in their surroundings all services and benefits that make their homes not just a place for accommodation, but also a prosperous and private environment and integrated services communities.

Despite our pride in the prestigious reputation that we have gained in the course of our work, we have not stopped striving to achieve more of our strategic objectives, develop our business base, continuously develop our tools to ensure expanding our activities and geographical foot print, and starting again on additional tracks that enhance our

competitiveness and increase our market share. Despite the emerging challenges in the market and the intense competition that characterizes the local real-estate sector, Dar wa Emaar has been able to maintain and enhance the performance momentum and strong growth year after year. This took place by relying on its enduring passion for innovation and business model development, creating strategic partnerships with other parties to provide integrated real-estate solutions to the end consumer while fully understanding and coping with customer requirements, and flexibility to improve performance to meet and exceed requirements.

Undoubtedly, the remarkable success that accompanied our Company journey over the past years was not a coincidence, but the output of a prudent vision and exceptional efforts by our business teams that contributed to the crystallization of “Villa Saraya” trademark with projects increasing over time to create a beautiful world that our clients deserve and that preserves our primacy.


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