Reality transcends

The scope of Saraya Villas extends to include a variety of projects in the Eastern Province, Riyadh and the Western Region. The real estate development journey of Saraya Villas does not only lie in the development and construction of residential neighborhoods according to the traditional concept, but also in bringing about a qualitative change in the industry by harnessing all our capabilities and expertise to formulate an exceptional life in its entirety. Its meanings, to give our partners far horizons of a way of living that embodies the concept of “quality of life” that exceeds their aspirations and is in harmony with their requirements.

Various spaces

Saraya is characterized by the variety of spaces between the villas. In order to suit the purchasing power of the customer.

Attractive Designs

“Saraya” is a modern architectural icon that embodies in its design the modernity of Saudi society and the privacy of the family.

Building Quality

Saraya Villas is a model with precise specifications and building high quality. developed by experienced parties in order to provide a model worthy of the Saudi family.

Saraya Al-Badr project in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah is an architectural masterpiece in construction near the most prominent public services and utilities,and a major transport network that allows the residents of Saraya Al-Badr the flexibility of movement and access to the Prophet’s Mosque in less than 15 minutes.
One of the most recent projects developed by Dar Wa Emaar, Saraya Al Baher combined the modern lifestyle and the quiet environment and inspiring designs In addition to its strategic location Close to the main and secondary road network of Qatif, Awamiya and Jubail, The project extends over an area of 417,310 square meters and provides 425 resedintial units
Our project Saraya Al-Jwan Which was developed north of the city of Riyadh on an area of 491,639 square meters, and provides 936 resedintial units.
In the heart of the new Riyadh, and in a strategic and vital location, Saraya Al Narjis project overlooks the intersection of Othman Bin Affan Street with King Salman Road, with various areas and attractive designs.
Saraya Al-Ghoroub project is located in Al-Khobar, in the Azizia neighborhood, it is considered one of the most prominent pioneering projects that achieve the goals of everyone in owning a house, with unique designs, while ensuring high quality at affordable prices for those looking to own a home for the first time. It is located near Aramco, the heart of the city of Khobar, The project contains 116 resedintial unites.
Saraya Al-Olaya project which is considered a real estate landmark with integrated services and facilities, made with the attention to all details, in order to meet the desires of all segments of society

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